Corona – Now is the time

Did you know that the caterpillar eats itself up in the darkness of its cocoon before it turns into the beautiful butterfly?

When we were on the cab from Berlin airport to our shelter for the night, I listened to German radio for the first time in a while. There was a conversation of two men talking about when things would „go back to normal“. It will be a matter of months till economy is back to where it was before, said one of them.

Back to where it was before?? I was startled.

Somehow in this crazy transition from India to Germany with people trying to get onto the last boats of the sinking Titanic I had started to assume that the whole world knew what situation we are in. And that this situation is definitely not asking us to „go back to normal“. But I realized in this moment in the cab that this must have been some naive belief of me.

Honestly the biggest worry I have these days is not about my health, or the health of my parents, or what my life will look like now that I’m suddenly back in Germany, or that so many people are suffering right now for various reasons here in this country, in Italy, anywhere in the world.
My biggest worry is that we as a global collective don’t really RECEIVE the gift of the current situation.

Receive the gift? How can I use such words in the middle of suffering while people are dying or afraid of dying, afraid to lose their existence?!

From all the challenging experiences I had myself and witnessed in others, the biggest transformations happen when „whatever is“ – a disease, cancer, bankruptcy – is met by radical acceptance, by the willingness to feel every feeling to its core, and met with the attitude of a student meeting his highest, most loving teacher.

I see people jumping into activity, into positivity these days. Others gather for meditations to „destroy“ the coronavirus. And something in me shouts „Nooo! If we destroy it now what would we have learnt!“. Why do we want to delete what doesn’t fit into our plan, why do we want to continue business as usual- just in the online way- if what life holds for us is so much greater and wiser?!

I feel this time is a global call to go in. A collective call for vision quest.

Now is the time that we notice where we don’t yet live the life our soul dreams of.
Maybe some of us are suddenly 24/7 with their partner and they notice where the partnership isn’t round yet. Or you don’t have access to food and feel the yearning to grow your own veggies. Maybe you feel that your job doesn’t make sense to you anymore and you would love to do something that matters. Maybe you can’t leave your house and start questioning why we live in asphalt instead of natural materials. Maybe you feel lonely and wished you already lived in that land of community. Maybe you feel totally fine but you start to notice how unfair our world is, that now in other countries people die of hunger because their government doesn’t have the capacities to care.

Whatever it is that YOUR soul is talking to you right now:
Now is the time to feel all that. The deepest yearning of your soul.

Now is the time to drop into nondoing, to allow space for simple being.
Now is the time for the feminine to rise. The feminine as the force in everyone of us that simply IS, no need to DO.

For inspiration to turn in, look at the empty streets, not into your computer.
I know there is so much happening right now and it’s beautiful how creative people get, how connected they feel even in online spaces. How resilient and flexible people are to turn whatever they were doing before into an online business now.

But to me it’s also worrying that the collective seems to jump into activity, into positivity, into making the best of the situation, into digitalizing everything.
Is that really how we want to live our life – every one still in their own city appartment doing yoga together online? Isn’t that rather the time to consider how we actually want to live our life in harmony with (our true) nature?

Maybe we all just play different roles in this game, but to those of you who feel even a tiny resonance (or resistance), hop on board with me to investigate:
Where is the soul these days? Where is the body? Where is stopping? Where is nondoing? Where is the deep felt reflection of how we developed as humanity? Where is feeling all the shit we have done to our nature? Where is embodying and embracing the fear instead of pushing it away or covering it up? Where is the descent into „darkness“ trusting that we come out of it even more whole, more glowing in light? Where is our inner knowing of transformation processes? Where is the caterpillar that digests itself?

I’m worried that we don’t listen to that call.
That things will go back to normal.
Now is the time to redefine what normal means.

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