Twin Flames

When you give your first full-day workshop together and you’ve accidentally dressed up in partnerlook 😂🙈

Flo and I are so similar in many ways. We look alike. We like the same things, places, people. Often we feel the same. Feel what the other is feeling. We like to be together all the time. And if we don‘t, we accidentally end up in the same place – true story! 😆

Sometimes we forget that we‘re also different in many ways. And that we need to honor those differences. Give each other space. Feel who we are as individuals as well. Especially while traveling together and sharing so much, this is challenging for me.

To find the balance – staying close and yet everyone taking space for him/herself – I believe is THE key to a happy fulfilled relationship.
Being silent together I find a very helpful practice .

What helps you? How do you go about this, (traveling) couples? 🙂♥️

By the way, in this picture we had a great time playing with the voice-body ~ sound sculptures.

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