Unser Voice of Nature Baum

Many little #voiceofnature trees ready to go out into the world!

Honestly, when we first got our logo, it was not all easy to accept it. It was inspired by the grandmother tree of our love that represents how one (trunk) becomes two and is still one. Suddenly this idea and the vast, formless meaning it holds for us, had taken on form. It felt tight at first, and it took some time for us to understand that a logo or any form can only be a hint, a symbol for the vast space behind and in all.
Today we absolutely love our tree! We have filled this symbol with what is dear to us. We love that it decorates the pictures and videos of our journey and reminds us each time why we do all this. Recently we‘ve fallen in love with stamping it on paper, each piece unique, to touch hands and hearts of the people we meet. It needed to take form for that.

Thank you @art.from.ilkas.heart for your great talent to give form to the formless 🙂

Love, Amelie and Flo

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